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Fast n Loud


These guys cruise for the classics. Meet self-described petrol-sexual motorhead Richard Rawlings and mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufmann as they search far-flung corners of the country for forgotten and derelict classic cars to restore at their Gas Monkey Garage. Heaps of rust are transformed into gleaming road warriors and sold to the top bidder.
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S13E04 – ”Bad Bass”

As the Monkeys and guest builder Brian Bass go over the schedule on ..


Fast N’ Loud follows Rawlings and Kaufmann as they return these de..

S9E100 - Special: 100 Mon..

With 100 episodes of Fast n' Loud now under their belts, Richard and..

S9E9 Fast N So Long - Mar..

Richard and Aaron get together to look back at their partnership as ..

S9E8 - vs. Street Outlaw..

With race day against the Street Outlaws fast approaching, Aaron str..

S9E7 - Bye Bye Beardy / B..

Aaron quits Gas Monkey just as Richard agrees to a drag strip showdo..

S9E6 - The Vomit Comet - ..

With Aaron off on vacation, Richard tasks the Monkeys with giving th..

S9E5 - Pickup The Pieces ..

Richard and Aaron's project of turning an old '49 Chevy pickup into ..

S9E4 - La Casa Del Camino..

After Aaron bets Richard that the Monkeys would be able to finish bu..

S9E3 - Pan-tera's Labyrinth

A last minute problem creeps up with the turbo charged EcoBoost '72 ..

S9E2 - Opening Bid

As Richard gets ready to gamble selling a million dollars worth of c..

S9E1 - Million Dollar Money

With Aaron headed off again to Pike's Peak, he tasks the Monkeys wit..

S8E8 - Porsche 9-1-1

Aaron wants to build a junkyard Porsche capable of going head to hea..

S8E7 - Camaro Rising

After a number of tough builds, Richard decides to do something nice..

S8E6 - Pickup The Pieces

Richard and Aaron's goal of turning an old '49 Chevy pickup into a s..

S8E5 - The Pickup Artist

Richard and Aaron set an ambitious deadline of just six weeks to tur..

S8E4 - Gas Monkey Grillers

Richard Rawlings with friends from the Gas Monkey Garage & Street Ou..

S8E3 - Pan-tera’s Labyr..

A last minute problem arises with the turbo-charged EcoBoost '72 For..

S8E2 - Hot off the Pantera

Looking to make a smash debut at an all-new Barrett-Jackson auction ..

S8E1 - Harley And Me

Richard buys Aaron a 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA '45 with the aim of re..

S7E13 - Revving up a '69 ..

Auction fever hits the garage as the Monkeys have less than a week t..

S7E12 - Motorcycle Mayhem..

While Richard takes his '29 Packard to compete at the elite Concours..

S7E11 - Motorcycle Mayhem..

When Richard's '29 Packard receives an invitation to the fabled Conc..

S7E10 - Frustrated with a..

The '32 5 window Ford Coupe Richard bought as an easy build for the ..

S7E9 - Frustrated with a ..

Richard buys a '32 5 window Ford Coupe planning for an easy build fo..

S7E8 - Racing a '67 Dodge..

With engine problems on the Dart threatening to stop their big race ..

S7E7 - Racing a '67 Dodge..

When Richard receives a drag race challenge from a couple of interne..

S6E8 - Cutlass LowriderPa..

Aaron builds a low rider from a '78 Cutlass.

S6E6 - Rocking '76 G10 Van

Richard and Aaron take on a different build when they decide to tran..

S6E5 - Road to Barrett Ja..

It's showtime at Barrett Jackson with wheeling-and-dealing throughou..

S6E4 - Road to Barrett Ja..

Part 1 of 2. The guys prep for the biggest auction of the year. Incl..

S6E3 - Back to the 80's i..

Richard purchases a '69 Malibu; Aaron hits a '68 Coronet; and Mötle..

S6E2 - Scat Pack Challeng..

Getting a '71 Challenger build to accept the technology from a 2015,..

S6E1 - Scat Pack Challeng..

Richard pays too much at an auction for a Scat Pack Challenger. Then..

S5E14 - Don't Hassle the ..

It's a race against time as the Monkeys rush to finish the KITT car...

S5E13 - Don't Hassle the ..

When an old friend of Richard's offers him $200,000 for a Knight Rid..

S5E11 - NHRA and a '55 Pi..

When Richard gets a deal to build a ’55 Pink Caddy for a 100 grand..

S5E10 - BigBad C-10 Build..

The plan to build Gas Monkey's coolest show truck continues as Richa..

S5E9 - BigBad C-10 Build ..

Richard and Aaron build their coolest hot rod, a 1976 Chevy C-10 sho..

S5E8 - One Cool Impala

When Richard buys a '65 Chevy Impala, they put their Gas Monkey spin..

S5E7 - The Shorty Short V..

When Richard buys a VW Microbus no one really knows the mechanics of..

S5E6 - C10 Race Truck/Pik..

Pikes Peak International Race is 3 days away and the C10 pace truck ..

S5E5 - Pikes Peak or Bust..

As Aaron prepares for the Pikes Peak International Race, he learns t..

S5E4 - Super Sonic Camaro..

The Monkey’s go super big with their first corporate client Sonic ..

S5E3 - Super Sonic Camaro..

When Richard lands his biggest deal in Gas Monkey history, his crew ..

S5E2 - Chopped and Droppe..

When Richard snaps back to his senses, he puts the monkeys back on t..

S5E1 - Chopped and Droppe..

Aaron and Richard find themselves a 1931 Model A to chop! What begin..

S4E13 - Troll’s Choice ..

When Richard accidentally buys $92K worth of cars at an auction, his..

S4E12 - Gas Monkey Bandit..

The 1977 Trans Am customization is completed.

S4E11 - Gas Monkey Bandit..

A 1977 Trans Am is customized

S4E10 - Shelby Rent-A-Rac..

Engine issues plague the ’68 Shelby. Richard flips the rare ’66 ..

S4E9 - Shelby Rent-A-Race..

The crew takes on a ’68 Shelby Mustang that looks sweet but what's..

S4E8 - 71 Cool Kingswood ..

A 1971 Chevy Kingwood and a 1980 MG Replicar are featured.

S4E7 - Flugtag Flyer / Wi..

GMG takes wing! Aaron builds a flying machine for the Red Bull Flugt..

S4E6 - Caddy Rust Bucket ..

Richard sets out to recoup his losses with the Caddy by refurbishing..

S4E5 - Caddy Rust Bucket ..

Richard buys a nest of cars including a '68 Cadillac Coupe de Ville ..

S4E4 - Killer COPO Camaro

Richard gets his hands dirty building a $100K 2013 COPO Camaro from ..

S4E3 - Cool Customline

A 1955 Ford Customline and a 1938 Aston Martin are featured.

S4E2 - Chopped Cabriolet ..

The crew help a widow by buying her husband's Ford '32 Cabriolet and..

S4E1 - Dale Jr.'s Sick No..

SEASON PREMIERE:The Gas Monkey crew build NASCAR royalty Dale Earnha..

S3E8 - BeardsBuilds and B..

Richard, Aaron, Sue and the Gas Monkeys revisit this series flips, r..

S3E7 - Ford Galaxie: Part..

With Aaron still missing in Denver, the Gas Monkey crew works to get..

S3E6 - Ford Galaxie: Part..

Richard and Aaron travel to Roswell to pick up a '67 Ford Galaxie. T..

S3E5 - Dodge Hodge Podge ..

The crew struggles to finish the frankensteined 64 Dodge truck. Rich..

S3E4 - Dodge Hodge Podge ..

Richard and Aaron pick up a 64 Dodge Sweptline that's a mishmash of ..

S3E3 - No Bull Bonneville

The road tripping Aussies are coming back and Richard has 72 hours t..

S3E2 - Ferrari Fix Part 2..

The GMG crew go all out to finish the Ferrari F40 rebuild. A broken ..

S3E1 - Ferrari Fix Part 1..

Invested over their heads in a wrecked Ferrari F-40 Richard, Aaron a..

S2E7 - Ferocious Ford and..

The Gas Monkey crew turn a rat-infested '38 Ford into a cool hot rod..

S2E6 - Trials of a T-Bird

Richard and Aaron bring a hot '58 Corvette home to the new Gas Monke..

S2E5 - Stung by a `67 Cor..

A side trip to Vegas nets Richard and Aaron casino winnings and Evel..

S2E4 - Far-Out Fairlane

A 1959 Fairlane 500 Galaxie and a 1954 Bel Air are refurbished.

S2E3 - Bad Ass Bronco Par..

With the Bronco over-budget and past deadline, Richard's patience (a..

S2E2 - Bad Ass Bronco Par..

Richard and Aaron take on the ultimate 4x4 hot rod: a '76 Bronco. Un..

S2E1 - Mashed Up Mustang

Richard trades his friend a ’58 Impala for a ’67 Mustang. He fli..

S1E12 - Holy Grail Hot Rod

A rare '32 Ford, a '64 Econoline van and an '89 Shelby pickup are fe..

S1E10 - One of a Kind Woo..

A Woodill Wildfire is featured.

S1E9 - '48 Chevy Fleetmas..

Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings and his crew, including top..

S1E8 - Ramshackle Rambler

Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings and ace mechanic Aaron Kauf..

S1E7 - Amazing Impala

It's sweltering in Dallas, both inside the Gas Monkey Garage and out..

S1E6 - Frankensteined Ford

A '77 Trans Am and a '67 Cadillac are featured. Also: Two unlikely v..

S1E5 - Low Riding Lincoln

A '70 Lincoln Continental Mark III is turned into a muscle car; a '6..

S1E4 - Double Trouble Gal..

With an auction coming up, Richard and Aaron go looking for a 1964 G..

S1E3 - Monkey Business Dr..

Richard and Aaron stumble upon a diamond in the rough: a 1960s Gasse..

S1E2 - Awesome Aussies an..

Richard and Aaron find a '55 Chevy Bel Air and a 1950 Oldsmobile Cou..

S1E1 - Model A Madness

A 1931 hot rod becomes a project in the debut of a series in which v..