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An eccentric genius forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defense against the complicated threats of the modern world.
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S4E22 - A Lie in the Sand

Season Finale. Team Scorpion heads to Northeast Africa where they mu..

S4E21 - Kenny and the Jet

Paige's maternal side goes into high gear when Team Scorpion must sa..

S4E20 -Foul Balls

Team Scorpion must use their high IQs to win a softball game when th..

S4E19 -Gator Done

Team Scorpion heads to the bayou to track down a cagey alligator in ..

S4E18 - Dork Day Afternoon

Team Scorpion inadvertently crashes a bank robbery in progress and i..

S4E17 - Dumbster Fire

The geniuses of Team Scorpion turn into knuckleheads and Paige must ..

S4E16 - NerdWind and Fire

On Valentine's Day, Team Scorpion must set aside their romantic plan..

S4E15 - Wave Goodbye

Team Scorpion must prevent an incoming tsunami from hitting a vulner..

S4E14 - Lighthouse of the..

A solar storm knocks out power in Los Angeles, and Team Scorpion mus..

S4E13 -The Bunker Games

Team Scorpion must work with Toby’s nemesis, Quincy Berkstead, and..

S4E12 - A Christmas Car-r..

On Christmas Eve, when Walter chooses work over spending quality tim..

S4E11 - Who Let the Dog O..

As Team Scorpion anxiously awaits the verdict of Cabe’s trial whic..

S4E10 -Crime Every Mountain

As Cabe’s trial looms over Team Scorpion, a simple case goes sidew..

S4E9 -It's Raining Men (O..

On Thanksgiving, Team Scorpion’s new neighbor, Florence, joins the..

S4E8 - Faire is Foul

For Sylvester’s birthday, Team Scorpion visits a renaissance festi..

S4E7 - Go with the Flo(re..

While tracking a device that can prevent a nuclear meltdown through ..

S4E6 - Queen Scary

At Halloween, Team Scorpion takes on a case to prove the existence o..

S4E5 - Sci Hard

While attending a tech convention, Team Scorpion is taken hostage by..

S4E4 - Nuke Kids on the B..

While decommissioning an old nuclear missile, a simple accident caus..

S4E3 - Grow a Deera Femal..

When poachers almost kill a pregnant endangered deer, Team Scorpion ..

S4E2 - More Extinction

Team Scorpion continues to work with their nemesis, Mark Collins, in..

S4E1 - Extinction

Team Scorpion must work with their old nemesis Mark Collins in order..

S3E25 - Scorp Family Robi..

Three weeks after they crash land on a deserted island, tensions run..

S3E24 - Maroon 8

While en route to Toby and Happy’s honeymoon, Team Scorpion’s pl..

S3E23 - Something Burrowe..

Team Scorpion help Toby and Happy race to the altar to say “I Do..

S3E22 - Strife on Mars

Team Scorpion gets trapped inside a failing and dangerous biodome de..

S3E21 - Rock Block

Team Scorpion must defy the orders of a foreign government after the..

S3E20 - Broken Wind

While on a mission to repair a turbine at a wind farm, Team Scorpion..

S3E19 - Monkey SeeMonkey ..

To stop a dangerous virus from spreading, Team Scorpion must locate ..

S3E18 - Don't Burst My Bu..

Following a severe storm, Happy's friend Ada, who lives in a sterile..

S3E17 - Dirty SeedsDone D..

When a simple mission to protect a vital seed bank goes awry, Team S..

S3E16 - Keep It in CheckM..

Walter and Sylvester enter an international chess competition under ..

S3E15 - Sharknerdo

Team Scorpion’s job to find sunken treasure goes awry when Walter ..

S3E14 - The Hole Truth

Team Scorpion must save a man teetering on the edge of a massive sin..

S3E13 - Faux Money Maux P..

When Team Scorpion is duped into producing counterfeit money for a f..

S3E12 - Ice Ca-Cabes

When a mission in the desert results in exploding shrapnel that seri..

S3E11 - Wreck the Halls

It's Christmas Eve and Team Scorpion's electronics-free mountain get..

S3E10 - This is the Pits

Walter must swim through the deadly La Brea Tar Pits when Team Scorp..

S3E9 - Mother Load

Paige's estranged mother calls on Team Scorpion when she accidentall..

S3E8 - Sly and the Family..

When Team Scorpion travels to Ireland for Megan’s one-year memoria..

S3E7 - We're Gonna Need a..

On Election Day, as democracy hangs in the balance, Team Scorpion is..

S3E6 - Bat Poop Crazy

Before Halloween, Team Scorpion must infiltrate a deep, vast cave sy..

S3E5 - Plight at the Museum

Team Scorpion’s simple job at the Los Angeles Natural History Muse..

S3E4 - Little Boy Lost

Team Scorpion must find a boy from Ralph’s class who goes missing ..

S3E3 - It Isn't the Fall ..

When Walter is accidentally launched into space in a rocket, he hall..

S3E1 & 2 - Civil War

Team Scorpion must put aside their personal and romantic predicament..

S2E24 - Toby or Not Toby

Team Scorpion must outthink their unstable ex-Scorpion member, Mark ..

S2E23 - Chernobyl Intenti..

Team Scorpion goes to Chernobyl to repair the decaying nuclear react..

S2E22 - Hard Knox

Team Scorpion is hired by the Department of Defense to break into Fo..

S2E21 - Twist & Shout

Team Scorpion’s mission to recover the remains of fallen Marines i..

S2E20 - Djibouti Call

The team must save Cabe when he is captured during a secret mission ..

S2E19 - Ticker

The team investigates after the Los Angeles blood supply is hacked a..

S2E18 - The Fast & the N..

Sylvester wins big on ``The Price Is Right''; the team must infiltra..

S2E17 - Adaptation

Team Scorpion must stop an influx of drugs that are being smuggled i..

S2E16 - Fractured

When a powerful earthquake hits Los Angeles, Team Scorpion must prev..

S2E15 - Da Bomb

The members of Team Scorpion are asked to help NASA with a top-secre..

S2E14 - Sun of a Gun

Sylvester's father, a retired general, asks the team for help when h..

S2E13 - White Out

The members of Team Scorpion brave subzero temperatures in Antarctic..

S2E12 - Dam Breakthrough

Team Scorpion must stop a catastrophe on Christmas Eve when heavy ra..

S2E11 - The Old College Try

The members of the team go under cover at a university in order to t..

S2E10 - Arrivals and Depa..

When the team and Walter's parents visit Megan in the hospital, a de..

S2E9 - US vs. UN vs. UK

Team Scorpion is blackmailed into breaking into the United Nations t..

S2E8 - Area 51

The members of Team Scorpion take a lucrative job locating a top-sec..

S2E7 - Crazy Train

The team must intervene when Paige and Ralph are on a sabotaged, run..

S2E6 - TechDrugsand Rock ..

A nefarious virus is uploaded to Walter's computer, turning the team..

S2E5 - Super Fun Guys

The members of the team go under cover on a movie set in Kazakhstan ..

S2E4 - Robots

An explosion sends a top-secret submarine to the bottom of the ocean..

S2E3 - Fish Filet

Sylvester goes undercover in a federal prison in order to save the l..

S2E2 - Cuba Libre

The team travels to Cuba to catch a Serbian war criminal after a wom..

S2E1 - Satellite of Love

The new Director of Homeland Security, Adriana Molina, reunites the ..

S1E22 - Postcards from th..

When Walter's car ends up at the edge of a cliff, the fractured team..

S1E21 - Cliffhanger

Walter finally learns Cabe’s long-kept secret regarding the Baghda..

S1E20 - Crossroads

Team Scorpion try to protect a key witness set to testify against a ..

S1E19 - Young Hearts Spar..

While on a mission to save lost hikers, Team Scorpion’s helicopter..

S1E18 - Once BittenTwice ..

The team must facilitate peace discussions when a conflict in Easter..

S1E17 - Going South

The members of the team travel to Mexico when the daughter of a tech..

S1E16 - Love Boat

The team members go under cover on a cruise ship in order to locate ..

S1E15 - Forget Me Nots

Team Scorpion must jog the memory of an injured former Secret Servic..

S1E14 - Charades

The team searches for a CIA mole who has been coerced into stealing ..

S1E13 - Kill Screen

Ralph's web game play unintentionally reveals a CIA safe house's loc..

S1E12 - Dominoes

On Christmas Eve, a boy is trapped in a beach-side cave, where the r..

S1E11 - Revenge

Sylvester ends up in critical condition after accidentally triggerin..

S1E10 - Talismans

When a military plane is shot down in Bosnia, Team Scorpion must hel..

S1E9 - Rogue Element

Team Scorpion must help protect Cabe's ex-wife after she uncovers ev..

S1E8 - Risky Business

A musician helps the team investigate the murder of a music blogger.

S1E7 - Father's Day

Three convicts -- including a brilliant hacker -- escape from prison..

S1E6 - True Colors

After being accused of destroying a piece of art, the team must pass..

S1E5 - Plutonium Is Forever

A nuclear reactor in Los Angeles is on the verge of a cataclysmic me..

S1E4 - Shorthanded

The members of the team disregard Cabe's advice and go to Las Vegas ..

S1E3 - A Cyclone

A bomb strike threatens the Internet infrastructure for the entire S..

S1E2 - Single Point of Fa..

The Governor calls on Team Scorpion when his daughter is mysteriousl..

S1E1 - Pilot

The government brings in a group of misfit geniuses to sort out a cr..


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