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A behind-the-scenes look at the chaos surrounding the production of a dating competition program.
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S3E8 - Recurrent

Rachel confronts her mother; Serena gets ambushed by someone from he..

S3E7 - Projection

Rachel pushes Serena to make a choice which sends her down a path of..

S3E6 -Transference

Under Dr. Simon's watchful eye, Rachel tries to help her father come..

S3E5 - Gestalt

Quinn and Jay's new show pitch to Gary doesn't go as planned, drivin..

S3E3 -Clarity

A patriarchal group date infuriates Serena, who refuses to heed Chet..

S3E1 -Oath

Quinn brings Rachel back from self-imposed exile in a desperate atte..

S2E10 - Friendly Fire

In the second-season finale, Quinn's plans for the remaining two con..

S2E8 - Fugitive

Rachel struggles in the aftermath of an incident with Darius, reveal..

S2E6 - Casualty

Rachel deals with a trauma, and Chet is there for her. Meanwhile, Qu..

S2E5 - Infiltration

Coleman invites Rachel to the Impact Awards. Quinn is introduced to ..

S2E4 - Treason

Darius reveals his secret to Rachel and tells her he needs to quit t..

S2E2 - Insurgent

Quinn and Chet start producing two different versions of "Everlastin..

S2E1 - War

Quinn promotes Rachel to produce Season 14 of "Everlasting"; Rachel ..

S1E10 - Future

An unwanted guest returns to the set; Rachel faces a betrayal; Adam ..

S1E9 - Princess

Quinn and Rachel question their future; the final three contestants ..

S1E8 - Two

As the final elimination ceremony approaches, Adam is offered an int..

S1E7 - Savior

When tragedy strikes the set, the contestants and everyone behind th..

S1E6 - Fly

Adam meets Mary's family when the show arranges their one-on-one date.

S1E5 - Truth

The crew heads to Mississippi for Faith's hometown date with Adam; R..


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S1E3 - Mother

Rachel is forced to ask her mother for financial support. Her mother..

S1E2 - Relapse

A family tragedy strikes one of the girls; Quinn offers a cash bonus..

S1E1 - Return

A producer, Rachel Goldberg, works to manipulate relationships on a ..